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It might be dog food allergies if your dog is always scratching!

It might come as a bit of a surprise but more and more dogs are developing food allergies. While the exact cause of this is still unknown to us, we do know that there is a very valid connection with the ingredients of the dog foods they have ingested.

No one would like to deal with dog food allergies and hopefully you won’t have to. It can be quite an ordeal.

As an example, a six-month old black Lab named Bobby which belongs to my neighbor could not refrain from scratching.

Bobby was eventually taken to see the vet so he can be evaluated and treated for his itching. Bobby’s owners were not aware about food allergies. They presumed that a skin disorder was causing the itching. They were surprised to learn about the real cause.

The vet told them that Bobby had dog food allergies. That’s right, at the young age of six months! They were also told that Labs are right among the breeds that are susceptible to dog food allergies.

The veterinarian explained that certain dog breeds have a higher risk of dog food allergy. The breeds most susceptible include: * Labrador Retrievers * Collies * Lhasa Apsos * Miniature Schnauzers * German Shepherds * Shar Pei * Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels * Dalmatians * Dachshunds * Soft-Coated Wheaton Terriers * West-Highland White Terriers * Boxers

I know, you are probably thinking that that is quite a long list of dog breeds. The surprises do not stop there as 30% of allergic dogs are allergic to food. When dogs get dog food allergy they itch, scratch, lick and bite their skin.

A dog who is always itching has at least a 5% chance that it has dog food allergy. Your dog maybe suffering from a dog food allergy if he or she is incessantly itching, biting and scratching. To be certain, get your dog checked and treated first for the itching. If it still persists, then you have to consider that the next most likely cause is dog food allergy.

So how is Bobby doing now? I am glad to let you know that he’s doing incredibly well on an all-hypoallergenic dog food diet and strictly no people food!

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